von Walter W Hölbling

creates our universe
our gods
makes armies clash
defines our world
always again and new
names everything
we then can talk about

lets politicians sound as if
they were our saviors
lends voice to protests
also well-phrased obedience
articulates all complicated laws
and sometimes even makes them clear
makes us hate people
or fall crazily in love with them

more difficult, it seems,
is to find words for our hearts and souls

how to express your love
appropriate to the occasion

or to describe a painting by Degas,
Rubens, Kokoschka, Michelangelo,
the impact of a symphony
or a performance on the drama stage

to catch the words for what we feel
is much more difficult
than to imagine those for what we see

it is the poets’ challenge to give shape
to all the hopes, loves, fears, and phantasies
in our lives

so we can make the power of the word
the power of the world

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