knowledge & experience

von Walter W Hölbling

in our time
we think we know
most animals of the world
from films and videos

an echidna come out of the underbrush
about to cross the road
but then
looking at all the cameras
deciding to quietly go back home for a while

a young humpback whale
launch her tons out of the sea
in the sheer joy of breaching
falling back in a white splash
that sends your boat rocking

the hard back of a wombat
under its thick coat of hair
the soft fur of a koala
the cool skin of a blue-tongued lizard

a wallaby whose sharp claws
tenderly hold your hand
so that the food
does not go away to soon

the swelling maniacal laughter
of a flock of kookaburras
a pied butcherbird‘s
unbelievably melodious call

you become aware
that they are living beings
not just images on the screen

and the little hairs
on the back of your neck
in shock and awe
of life‘s beauty


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