Follow the stars (far to andromeda)

von Uwe Kraus

David Bowie gewidmet

With the masters in the sky
I share my eyes for contracts
While my wishes contact
The mind In the shuttle we raised down and out of
The world aloud
To couple every space beyond the time
And reached a fading line
Over bridges out of Universes into nova space
And grow lower the engines outside of mine
Will closer into my water mark
When commanders told me to wake up from
Holes faded black
And magnets taking out the symbols
Of evolution and minor light
Crawls the error
We faded galaxy to mirror world
Of being exactly in the magenta legends
The fall and the end
Of story will soon be told:
We reached a second moon
Once large we became small
Once big we became little
And only magenta
Was it mental –
Or liquid groundcontrol?
We want to break the spheres
And then we get closer to the tunneltime:
Wake up
The dream is over Magenta:
Only andromeda!

Uwe Kraus – „Englische Übungen"

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