cold world

von Walter W Hölbling

it seems we live in times
when helping hands extend only reluctantly
to those in dire need who had to leave
the ruins of their devastated homes
not waiting for more bombs to fall
to those who had to save their lives
from the barbaric rule of self-styled prophets
and those whose simple love of education
was met with inane terror and oppression

why is it that so many people
are afraid of them and think
these desperate refugees are perpetrators
not the victims

why is it that the nations most responsible
for chaos and destruction in these countries
far from their own safe shores
are the least willing to accommodate
those they have driven from their land

good Samaritans have become scarce
only a few today share their possessions
with those who are in greater need

our humanity has been outsourced
to NGOs and sundry other institutions
to whom we donate so they feed
the hungry poor and the displaced

it makes one wonder if cold-hearted greed
indeed has without shame
become the only goal of our race …


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