To whom belongs God?

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A polemic paper

Actually it should already be embarrassing for Him. Thousands of years people have been bashing their heads in because of Him. They are killing off each other, they make themselves His own likeness and they take the words right out of His mouth, only to reverse it completely only seconds later. And what does He do? He does not do anything. Or is it just an illusion? Does it affect Him anyway, looking at His Creation, His Work, which he supposedly created within seven days, no, six days, as he rested on the seventh day?
Oh yeah, they do know it quite well, these equivocators, as if they had been there themselves.
But before they came there had already been people who had racked their brains over Him.
One of them said, 'Obviously I am (…) a little bit wiser, just because I don't think that I know what I don't know*.'
Unfortunately his words were gone with the wind. What was left were empty letters and the killing kept going on.
Will there ever be people who live to see Him interfering, freeing His Creation from Homo Sapiens, the wise man, so that it can develop and will not end totally in chaos?
Who are we anyway, what do we expect? That he will embrace us? Probably not, for this we would have to go into action ourselves...
But how could this happen?
Because of the first question which was ever expressed by men: Why? And because of all the answers, which were given. Answers with only one single meaning: To have power over the questioners. From this question came the necessity to install one single authority which was higher than everything else, a God!
And because power is a desirable, even though a highly venomous thing, there was also a growing demand for Gods.
The One, the Indivisible, the Creator, soon took a back-seat, pushed aside out of our minds by all these Men-Gods who actually did exist only for one reason: to have power. We have removed ourselves from him and now we have to see for ourselves how to handle our self-made Gods.

To whom belongs God? This question is quite incorrect. It should be: How will we get rid of these self-made Men-Gods now?

By abandoning POWER.

* Socrates, according to Apologia of Socrates

Middle part from the triptych of Jean-Pierre Ponnelle (1932-1988)
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