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Butterflies pidgin

Bild von Dieter J Baumgart

Di language wey i important
pass for dis world na smile language

In the begining, after God don create all of the rest of the butterflies finish, him no come get the body wey him go take create the last one. Wings no de, antennas no de, notin ku-ku come de al all to make this butterfly make i be like im broders wey dem don de fly and dem de shine like flowers. Nobody fit take koro-koro eyes take see dis butterfly because di butterfly na invisible one.

Dis butterfly bi no know before say im de invisible. So i let im self fly like di others wey wind de blow as dem de fly.

Di butterfly de fly and de petch put for flowers as i tink say im de make dem de fine join pass as before. But as di butterfly de fly and de try to dodge say make di other butterflies dem no hit am, na so dem de still de fly de hit am. And so i come by im self know say im de invisible. But di butterfly suppose to know before say im de invisible because im no fit see im own self. But dat no boder am, still because I think say as im de see di rest butterflies na so dem de see am too.

As di butterfly come find out say no bodi de see am i no come de happy at all, instead i come de sad. And so i come fly strait go mit God we i create every tin. Na fore there na im i put im matter for ground.

God look di butterfly so tay and den him come tell am say: „I understand you my pikin. But di work, I don finish am and true true, notin remain for you at all.“ God kom tell am again say all di tin wey im de look for so, such as bodi, wings and antennas, if i hapen to get am na so im go die one day like every tinwey i de live. And God ask am weather i go like am so.

Di butterfly say „Yes“. Di butterfly come talk again say: „If I bring joy to others as long as I live, na im be say I go like to die one day.“

Dis na real palaver for God as i be say him never hear dis kind tin before. So God come tink well well and den he come say to di butterfly: „I go give you wey tin you want. From now on you go de visible. And upon all you no go die. For sake of say you no go die, I no go give you your own body. Go and make you be the smile wey i de for mankind dem face.

Translated in Pidgin by Clement Esangbedo