Good morning!

Bild von Dieter J Baumgart

A reflection

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see something of an eye-catcher, one that lasts in these troubled times?
All kindness, all vulnerability is assembled within these two cup faces.
When you’re sitting in front of each other in the morning or in the evening, no matter if you had a crazy day or a night full of nightmares, your damaged world view will be restored. All will be valued for its own value and put where it belongs.
No, these eyes do not deceive. They are the symmetry of all things and they invite you to look at each other.

Notice: You may have to put away your newspaper (at morning) and the television programme (at evening) if you want these cups to deploy their real power.

Interne Verweise


15. Feb 2018

O what a wunderful morning ...
with two special cups warming.

LG Annelie