The Dead comes back

Bild von Grusel Story Writer

At the night before the Death's Festival an old woman went after Shopping back to home.As she had eaten her lunch, she turned all lights off and went sleep.
But at midnight, she wake up by strange voices.
Than somebody, who she don't knew, wrote her an E-Mail, and this ist the Mail :,,Where are you? Come out of your room. You can go with me.I know that you're in this house, Natascha.
You don't have to hide. I can see everything.''
The woman, whose name was Natascha,locked the door immediately-
Then,,,She heard a knocking at the door.,,Let me go in,"a man's voice said,quiet and scared. It was complete quiet, at least for a moment,because after few minutes she heard some steps on the roof.
Just then there was something outside the window-a mummy? No, a scary Clown with acute teeth.
It occurred on the window, so it has been broken after a few times and... nobody saw the old woman again...

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