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von Walter W Hölbling
von Dieter J Baumgart
von Dieter J Baumgart
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von Charles Bukowski

When a hot woman meets a hermit one of them is going to change.

von Charles Bukowski

God or somebody keeps creating women and tossing them out on the streets, and this one’s ass is too big and that one’s tits are too small, and this one is mad and that one is crazy and that one is a religionist and that one reads tea leaves and…

von Charles Bukowski

"Bach, I said, he had 20 children.// he played the horses during the day.// he fucked at night// and drank in the morning.// he wrote music in between.// at least that's what I told her// when she asked me,// when do you do your writing?" - you…

von Walter W Hölbling

among the two halves of his brain
in the left there‘s nothing right
and in the right there‘s nothing left

[Can be applied to politicians of our choice.]

von Dieter J Baumgart

If justice falls into the wrong hands,
it might be vulnerable to abuse.

translated by Swantje Baumgart

von Annelie Kelch

Question which God puts:
"How do you think about Trump, Glory, dear?"


"I 'm sorry, my Lord, thinking is not allowed to us any longer."

von Walter W Hölbling

when the heads of nations forget dignified tones
we are well on our way to that „clean“ war with drones

von Luisa Tintenklecks

Any hardship in life can be cured by love.

von Dieter J Baumgart

Knowledge moves boundaries
Proficiency sets boundaries

Power seems without boundaries


The aphorism was inspired by the reports of the discovery
of earth-like planets at a distance of 40 light years,

von The Poems Land

If we think, we think trought
If we look, we look close
If we act, we act percise
If we reflect, we self reflect
If we expirience, we expirience reality

Wisdom through close and precise reflection of reality

von Jürgen Wagner

Letting be
is the first step
to transform

is the first resolution
to get free

von Walter W Hölbling

when presidents lose a gasket
the world goes to hell in a basket

von Dieter J Baumgart

Who makes the buck the gardener should not be surprised
if he juggles with his horns.

von Dieter J Baumgart

Art does not open
through reflection,

but before - or not at all...

von Dieter J Baumgart

... trying to make the possible quadrature of the circle a national symbol in 28 countries.

von Walter W Hölbling

there is
a very fine line
and nuisance

von Walter W Hölbling

without "art"
is just "eh"

von Walter W Hölbling

women need men like fish need bicycles

von Volker C. Jacoby

for interested English people

1. First female German politician:

Mrs. Angel R. Maircle


2. Other – current and former - female German politicians:

Mrs. Maloo Dryer

Mrs. Oorsooler Fun their Lion