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alternative facts...??!??

Bild von WWHölbling

when those we have elected tell us blatant lies
and call them “alternative facts”
we should not wait too long to call them liars
make them aware that we don’t share
their newspeak fantasies and visions
removed from everyday reality

nor do we treasure their maneuvers
that keep the media all hyped up
reporting every tweet as if it were
one of the ten commandments
Moses once held up in stone

behind quite secret White House doors
the leader’s relatives and cronies
incompetent but greedy
are nominated for positions of whose duties
they do not really have a clue

a friend of oil & coal & fracking
supposedly protects our environment

an ignorant billionairess
who never really saw a public school
is now in charge of education

a business man with heavy ties to Russia
is asked to steer our foreign policy

a judge well known for his quite racist bias
is thought to fit into the supreme court

and many of the Wall Street’s alligators
whose swamps the current leader
has kept promising to drain
all through his great campaign
are happily assembled ‘round the trough
of power influence and money

facts quite ‘alternative’ indeed
from those that had been promised
for over more than a whole year
by that self-styled
‘candidate against the establishment’
with not so secret Russian ties

simply unbelievable

I though I was done with political verse, but I simply can't help it in view of what's happening!!!


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