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A little girl with wavy eyes

Bild von Uwe Kraus

Would you lie
If I asked would you be
Mine after a great reward and spaces that shake from emptiness to eternity
Then close my lips with fingertips and sleep beside my
Arms and climb my shadows from smiles you give
Can't it be forgiven what I felt the days after
You leaving and my wisps of health in winterair they told me you'll be there
With wavy eyes miles of hours I pretend
Your hand would be gone
And mine when things close and roses rise through parts of billion bites between the shattering eyes I
give to you in splattered ways my heart was broken and words of love will be spoken when I look into your eyes
now, come on tell me no lies
with rackets that cracked beyond the universes that’s my figure
with injured motions
like me we
can be or can't we tell this by unspoken melody
from metaphors of metal my heat is stopped from raising blood into the organs just a moment my head explodes from thin ice when you’re close I think it's better to be given things in parts of whispering breezes you rain down in a kind of strange feeling


a little girl with wavy blue eyes
is sent from angel skies
attract the looks beyond horizons
climbs in moviescenes
with French subtitles
that’s a kiss of blood and feelings of god.