Judgement of the Patriarch

Bild von Tilly Boesche-Zacharow

(in reference to G.E.Lessing, Nathan the Wise)

What a wonderful man -
fine, generous and wise,
as he took under his protection
a poor orphan-girl.

What truly noble being,
as he spared neither cost nor toil
raising the suckling
to grow into a virgin girl.

On meeting that singularly good man
I would express my reverence aloud
and seek to stay
near him.

Tell me, where can I find him,
where is this worthy Christian?
What? Isn't it you mean to mock me now
saying he is a Jew?

Bah, in somebody of that kind
I will never find the slightest trace
of goodness, let alone wisdom.
It's pure horror instead that seizes me.

So the sort of him once grabbed
the little child with his evil hands?
To my judgement listen then:
This Jew is to be burnt!

Übersetzung aus dem Deutschen URTEIL DES PATRIARCHEN, von Rainer Strobelt


Rezitation: Sprecher: Max Berghaus

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