Ach Vienna!!

Bild von WWHölbling

this time in Vienna
in my little nation's capital

a young Muslim still in search of himself
believes he has a mission
to kill as many infidels as possible
to avenge insults to Mohamed
and Allah by all those secular Westerners

armed with attack rifle handgun & machete
he shoots his way through the Vienna party mile
not knowing whom he attacks
killing four wounding twenty-three
driven by his duty to defend Allah

never questioning why the Almighty would ever need
to have his infinite greatness defended
by a confused youngster's shooting of innocents

Apropos the attack in Vienna on November 2, 2020, which killed 4 and wounded 23. One of the persons killed was another young Muslim whose parents still live near a village on the West Balkan from which the attacker's parents came to Vienna.


Interne Verweise


24. Nov 2020

"verwirrt" ist gut!

LG Alf

24. Nov 2020

Danke - "verirrt" wäreauch eine Möglichkeit im Deutschen, aber auf Englisch kling "lost" doch eine andere Bedeutungsebene.
LG, Walter