The last Night

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The last night

It was midnight, as Winn’s and Datienne’s parents went to a party.
A few minutes later Winn played Computer Games, while Datienne read her books.
It was dark, stormy and windy outside. The raindrops are knocking at the windows. But suddenly, the girls heard quiet steps in the hall. Winn asks:,, What’s this?” But Datienne doesn’t know anything. She looks to the hall. On the other side …. There was a little thing, like a doll. Suddenly it looked up to her and began to move.
Step by step. It whispered something, but Datienne closed the door and locked it. Then…
The lights failed. The doll knocked at the door. Then it took a key and opened the door with it.
It has a knife on the left hand. The doll has scary eyes. Winn took out her mobile phone and tried to call their parents, but it hasn't got a signal.
The doll stung the children and killed them. Then the doll ran away. This is up to now a big mystery.

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