A day in our daily life or: Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

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"I don't think that anything matters
I think nothing matters
and the discrepancy between both statements is as significant as the difference between being dead and not alive.
Certain things don't fall into same categories although the only thing that separates them is a logical true
and by logical true I mean that subsequent twice negation of a clause yields again the original clause
A not not true statement is a true statement.
But is it? Let's add some adjectives.
If I say "I do like the color green" and someone says "I do not not like the color green", then
he or she implies that green is not only not his or her favorite color, but also that he or she doesn't dislike it.
Replying "I do not like the color green", would have not given me additional information.
By twice negating my original "I do like the color green" statement, he or she implied additional information
So if we added some brackets now, e.g. "I do (not not) like the color green", this would logically be evaluated as "I do like the color green",
Lets shift them to "I do not (not like) the color green"
"to dislike" is the negation of "to like".,
Therefore, "I don't dislike the color green" is contextually equivalent to saying "I do not not like it"
I believe our brain orders bracketing such that it maximizes information about other people.
Motivated from a darwinistic side, we want to squeeze out as much information as possible
in order to evaluate if a person may be a threat to our life, tribe, bloodline
It's basic survival.
I didn't come to my point but I built up the base for it so listen carefully:", she pauses

Ms. Heer wears her freshly washed mane open,
Hair dark like a moonless night sky.
her split ends take on upwards momentum
as a cool August breeze takes off her hat.
For August it’s a beautiful autumn,
sun at its zenith, it's a blue sky,
plastic, naked, distant titanium white clouds high up
A sky without clouds is a space with no stars, she sings
follows the sight of her hat
thinks: I will have no blue sky in space
puts her right foot in front of her left one and falls.

One breath in space, created for a long time.
The image of the falling lady prints on the retina as soon as Andrew awakes
His pale lids lifting like an encore's curtain rising, revealing the players once more
The women in his dream dropped like a dime,
rust colored skin- or maybe it was green
her breathing stopped, tinnitus terminated
body numb-light, heavenly, heavenly soul
she burst on naked blacktop
a violent melt-down into flawless fast pounding hearts
It was a dream, because her skin was rust colored or maybe green
the dream reincarnated as a state of perpetual motion
from Andrew's infinite-dream-world into endless-Andrew-day-world
an endless loop in his looping head, a memory
conserved like a trapped feather in solid amber.
he thinks "what a confusing night",
it's a bright sunny morning
Andrew picks up his bike and goes for a morning ride.

"Back to my point and to cut a long story short:
Our brain might evaluate bracketing automatically for language
but not for thee algebraic equations in front of you,
So kids: don't you forget bracketing!"
Ms. Heer stands in front of her class,
lips wet, red lips, blue eyes,
her class listens carefully as less and less clouds populate the sky and introduce a sunny day.

Out of the classroom she takes a deep breath of fresh late-spring air,
sits down by the parking bench, smells wet asphalt and last night's thunderstorm, chirping birds
Her fingers feel warm and she feels save. She enjoys the sun, the sun shines on her.
She crosses eyes with the person out of breath and smiles
He, taking a sip out of a sun-yellow bottle, brittle hands,
between his legs a red-rusted sporty looking bike,
smiles back and both take on their day.

Da ich seit laengerem im englischsprachigen Raum lebe und hauptsaechlich englische Literatur lese, dachte ich mir diesen Text/Prosa mal experimentell auf Englisch zu verfassen.
Note: Der Subtitle stammt aus Pink Floyd's 'Dark side of the moon'.

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