Bild von El6as

He went to a Casino in Pankow, Berlin, on a Saturday night. It was dark and rainy outside, but he didn’t take his umbrella with him. A tall, dark, but happy men asked him with a greedy smile on his face for cigarrets. Without any german knowledge he answered and walked looking down through him. It was like his soul touched the sky and went for a ride. Fear and anxiety drowned him into darkness.  Life, is this life? A dirty dog was barking at him just around the corner. He smelt his inner sins. Sins? Sins. He did bad in his life, but not all was bad. There’s always some hope, there should be, shouldn’t  it? As he walked into that vivid, old and grey casino, he saw a cold women sitting at the front table. She looked at him, without looking at him. He wasn’t really there. His head was at some other place. Maybe where they wanted it to be. But one thing is for sure in this story. He was there on the 22nd of July 1935 when it happened...

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