pardon the insolence

von Kilian Schwanke

excuse me if this is too much
it feels like you're too hot to touch
and when you're gone it feels so rough
my body aches never has enough

my friends they think im losing it
and im honestly not doubting this
when baby you're too grand to quit
this addiction makes me fall to bits

and this man he used to feel so sly
when the emerald colour of your eye
has enslaved my heart its yours oh i
can just not forget your face why try

and i'm beginning to think of this
as a fantasy simply ludicrous
do you see what i've become my miss?
im a fool for you your smile my bliss

and i've just now come to realise
that this moment feels like paradise
when im way too deep just mesmerised
and your glance has got me hypnotised

then pardon all my insolence
i'll be living with the consequence
for you have to know the truth transcends
that for me it's you until the end

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