Small glimmer of happiness 06/20

Bild von Valeria Frank

Sorry that it did not work out.
I never imagined that this could happen.
Actually, I guess I was just always thinking of our perfect first date.
When this spark between us drove me nuts.
When all I thought about was you.
Maybe we should‘ve met more often.
Maybe we should’ve taken things more slowly.
Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.
I would love to get that spark back.
That glimmer of something new, something beautiful and life changing.
I would love to still be in love with you.
If I could somehow change my feelings, get that spark back – I would!
I would do anything. No matter what.
I just don’t know how.
I never imagined that this could happen.
That I would lose that spark.
I like you, very much!
I really thought we would make it.
I don’t know what changed.
Turns out all we had was a small glimmer of happiness.
A flame that burned high and froze quick.
I’m sorry that this is all it was.

Just a small glimmer of happiness.