Kids Painting

Bild von Poemsland

Let’s start with a little experiment
Just to show what I really meant
Think of having a daughter
In the past six years you have raised her
She made a painting for you
And now what do you do?
In your eyes it is maybe not that nice
Even not if you look at it twice
You could have made it much better
The mam with the too long legs
The girl with the green sweater
And now what do you do?
You think about her siting on the table painting
Full concentration she does the best she can bring
Circles squares triangles lines
That’s the forms that she combines
And when she’s finish she comes proudly to you
And now the question what do you do?
Try again, I could do it better,
Is that a girl the thing with the sweater?
These are all reactions, but you would do it better?
Or not?

So sweet honey, you did great
wow that’s for me
That is what your reaction could be
But, why?
What makes an ugly picture to a praiseworthy artwork
Is it the creator?
The effort?
It is the love you have for your child
That you raised, that you carried, that you saw learning to paint
And now the question what do I do?
On what am I pointing?
Our plans are like kids painting
We give an effort even are best
We try and try and forget to rest
We plan and calculate everything
Bevor we come and bring it to him
And now, what will he do?
Yes, he would know it better
Yes, he could do it better
Yes, he could dream bigger
But what do you think he does?
Well tried but try it again?
Almost but that’s not it?

Or do you believe that he has much more love for his kids?
That he would say: You are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased
For you I died that you will be increased from death
And have eternal live
He will take your live as the only true worship
Because it is not about perfection and “beauty”
It is about relation and love
About trusting the only trustworthy
About praising the only praiseworthy
Because you are his child
And he enjoys what you give to him
Not because of what it is, but because you give it
And now the question what do you do?

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