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the current occupier of the white house
is unable to lead the battle against the pandemic
sends unmarked secret police
to push peaceful protesters into unmarked vans
lets police use tear gas and rubber bullets
to clear a place for a photo-op before a church
into which he has never set foot
holding up a bible which he most likely never read
spreads birther lies about possible opponents

tries to defund the US postal service
because he is afraid of mail-in votes
attempts to destroy anti-pollution laws
that improve people’s health
wants to abolish Medicaid
tries to celebrate a wishy-washy peace agreement
between UAE and Israel as his success
throwing the Palestinians under the bus

& cetera & cetera & cetera

all he has managed to do in three-and-a-half years
is destroy many achievements of his predecessors
destabilize world diplomatic alliances
insult longtime allies and cuddle up to authoritarian leaders
killing 170.000+ Americans due to his lack of leadership
sending tens of millions into unemployment and joblessness
and blame everybody else in the world for his blatant incompetence

today the USA have lost all credit
among the global community
and left a vacuum
China and Russia are racing to fill

make America great again?
the best cynical joke of the past 120 years

trump incompetence destruction fake pandemic deaths lies


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