End on the playground

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At night, at 12 o‘clock, Bonne’s boy friend Tim wrote her an E-Mail.
He told her that he would like to meet her on a playground in the village
But Bonne has been suspiciously. She asked: ,,Why do you want to meet me on a playground at midnight?” Tim meant that he wanted to go to a date with her.
So Bonne made a big mistake and went out to the playground, ALONE. As she arrived at the playground, there was nobody. She took out her mobile phone and wrote an E-Mail to Tim. But instead of Tim’s name, there was the name of her died sister. Bonne has car crash years ago, and her sister was on the car, too.
The crash killed her. Bonne tried to run back to home, but somebody caught her.
She heard her sister’s voice. The voice whispers, that Bonne could help her with a prayer, and then she’ll alive.
,, Today, my sister wants help. I killed her, so I must help her. I say this prayer to revive her. She’s now me and we live together in one body.”
Then she felt, that a ghost merged with her body, but then, she heard a laughing and she couldn’t control her body.
The sister has made Bonne to a ghost and she live again.

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02. Mär 2019

Horrible ... that story.

Greatings, Annelie