Bild von Dieter J Baumgart

The most important language in the world
is the language of smile

Once upon a time when butterflies had just been formed, the Creator discovered that there was no body left for the last of the butterflies. Nor were there any wings, or antennae, nothing whatsoever to make him resemble his brothers and sisters, who seemed like magnificent flowers as they fluttered through the air.

He was simply invisible.

In the beginning he was unaware of this, and like the others, he allowed himself to be carried by the wind. He landed on flowers, in order to make them, or so he thought, even more beautiful by his presence.

Finally one day the truth dawned on him. No one looked at him. Despite his efforts to land on unoccupied flowers, the other butterflies often collided with him, because – and of course he could not know this – the others simply did not see him.

And then he realised that he was invisible.
Naturally he should have noticed this before, because he could not see himself either. However, that had not bothered him. He thought it was enough that his beauty was evident to others. He did not have to see himself.

Now it saddened him to realise that no one could see him, and so he flew directly to the Creator of all life and complained bitterly.

The Creator looked thoughtfully at the invisible butterfly for some time, and finally he said:
“I understand your complaints. But the work is done. In reality, nothing, absolutely nothing, remains for me to give to you. Also, by the way, if you had a body, wings, antennae and all you desire, you would have to die, as all living things do. Would you like that?”

“Yes”, answered the invisible butterfly. “If I could bring joy to others throughout a long life, then I would be content to die at the end”.

The Creator was very perturbed. It was the first time he had ever heard such a thing. He considered it for a long time, a very long time, and finally he spoke.

“I shall grant your wish. From now on you will be visible. However you will not die, as I will not give you your own body.

Go to mankind and become its smile”.

Dieter J Baumgart

Transl.: Virginia B. Svane, Großbritannien

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