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Meeting animals - brief guide

Bild von Jürgen Wagner

Abandon the prejudice, that you are a high being
and they are 'only animals' - they are our ancestors

Trust in the possibility of understanding and encountering them
They are animals as we are with conscience and feeling and great abilities

Consider, that they are very clear
In an instant they know - sometimes more than we know - and decide

Accept their reaction
And be patient

Don't expect human forms of approach and touch
There are many ways to meet and understand each other

Don't face them with fear - they fear us too
Fear hinders encounter

Meet them with an open heart and without expectations
Be a friend

Don't pity them - even if you see them in the zoo - have compassion
They are great beings and you can see, if they are happy or not

2016 - For Anna Breytenbach (http://www.animalspirit.org/)


Anna Breytenbach ist eine südafrikanische, ausgebildete Kommunikatorin mit Tieren, die mit vielen Wild-, aber auch mit Zootieren täglich arbeitet

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