birthday child

von Walter W Hölbling

a grandchild
for her 9th birthday
very happy
to be away from her older
as well as her younger sister
for a while
spent a long weekend
with her grands

they picked her up
schoolbag and bathing suit
and guitar & everything else

she had already mentioned
that French Toast for breakfast
would be REALLY nice
and that’s what she got
together with chocolate milk
1 minute in the microwave,
according to her wish
patiently reading her book
while the oldies got their act together
in their slow morning routine

they all went birthday shopping
& out for lunch
she read her book again while the oldies
were snoring their nap
& then they all had great fun
swimming and horsing around in the public pool

watching some TV
& improving her ping-pong game
happy & tired
after dinner some goodnight reading
doughnuts and hot chocolate for breakfast
next morning
and then
with grandma’s help
printing out a card for Mom on Mother’s day
AND baking real brownies as a gift….

a happy & proud 9-year old
was delivered to her parents
& presented her mother with the card
& the brownies & the new dress
& the homework all done

the guitar practice had gotten lost

yet she was the envy of her siblings
for the day

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