let us remember! (almost a Christmas poem)

von Walter W Hölbling

the myths of birth and rebirth
are as old as humankind

scratched onto cave walls,
tablets of stone or clay,
scrolls of papyrus or parchment,
for hundreds of years on paper,
and nowadays typed onto backlit screens
that are recycled faster
than old hieroglyphs were understood

in our time
when refugees are tens of millions
on our globe

let us remember that these myths
have celebrated for millenia
not battles, war, or death
but the survival of the human race
the joy we feel when new life has arrived
often against all odds
the hope that emanates from godesses
or mother saints of yore
who symbolize fertility,
have brought forth saviors and new tribes

these are what has propelled us to our current state

and we do well to not forget that our fate
does not depend on people slain
but on how we can save the joy of life
and celebrate all humankind again

Trying hard to write a verse of joyful optimism in dire times.... Wishing y'all on LiteratPro a Merry Christmas and a Better New Year!


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