Bild von Zeram

There once was a day
when people cried
that there is no love -
and there is no right.
But none could change the fact
that none could force a man
to tell the truth and act
as all would … who feel the pain.

There once was a lie
from anyone
and every word
turned into a gun.
But none could really understand
that none was there to try
to tell true right to ever'y man
and all who … sit and cry.

There once was love -
it turned to hate
and they all said -
it must be fate.
And none could really fix the point
where all the truth had once begun
and ev'rybody rocked the joint ...
but one … was Valerij!

There once was a boy
who felt the pain
of all who cried
and found no name
for all unjust and evil things
that happen to the weak
and all feeblepeople's wings
broken, lame … and meek.

And justice falls
into a grave
Man no longer
will be slave
to those who teach the world to crawl
and to accept all evil lies
to those oppress the rest and all
- make the … unknowing wise!

There is a man
who knows the way
he tells of rights
and how to pay
the debt some owe the lonely crowd
and how to overcome
let the unfree be freed at last
believe in the task of one … of Valerij!

Valerij -
he reaches out
his words unspoken -
roaring out
he'll give you back the light you knew
and wipe away the dust
but cease to question wrong and right
believe … it's all you must!

There once was a day
when people cried
that there never was love
and never was right
they fell for the one who poisoned truth
and gave them law instead
he'd fooled the old and fooled the youth
took away the rest they'd had.

Valerij …
he ordered hate
and none no longer
thought it was fate
and finally they realized
what life is all about
what they had really criticized
and they began to shout
… for Valerij!

They asked for his head,
they wanted him
they asked for his head,
they wanted him
'cause finally they'd realized
they had been deaf and blind
and they began to criticize
the errors of a single mind …

… of M A N's !

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