Underdogs - ambiguous feelings

Bild von Annelie Kelch

Me – among underdogs?
Cannot say what 's in their heads,
driving themselves mutually mad.

Sometimes I feel like a bird:
would like to fly from my cage – far away,
don't like any words they ever said, would say,
any noises they ever made, would make -
but it doesn 't take any longer:
it 's better to leave, that 's what
I feel stronger and stronger.
I know what 's wrong with them,
but I won 't tell you – its only a word.
I'm not like them, I don 't want to hurt,
think, they 're not able to change at all,
don' t want to turn their bad lives
into good ones, have often no or no good wives,
had had a very bad childhood,
grown up among beasts in a grim wood?
No? - They' re neither courageous nor busy enough, fall.
That 's why they 're called 'underdogs'? -
What kind of despicable call ...