Bild von Annelie Kelch

In good old days ...
my girlfriend sometimes asked me:
„How do you manage to get
in that damned great mood, honey?“

„You are mistaken“, I mostly answered.
„I'm very, very sad, but I don't
want you to realize that, dear.“

„What's wrong?“, she inquired.
„Because of him?“

I nodded and soon I was in the verge of tears.

She took me in her arms and said:
„Forget that bloody fool,
friend-ship is much better
than love, dear.“

After that she gave me a broad smile
and showed me her very white theeth.

In these days I often think, she was sometimes
much better than a mother to me.

Interne Verweise


13. Nov 2017

Englisch fällt Frau Krause schwer -
Jetzt muss die Übersetzung her ...

LG Axel

13. Nov 2017

Dank, Axel, dir, für deinen Kommentar;
Ich denke, du wirst übersetzen -
ohne sie gegen mich aufzuhetzen.
Mir würd sonst angst und bange,
ich lebte nicht mehr lange.

LG Annelie