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Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. Sie finden hier aber auch teilweise die Übersetzungen zum jeweiligen englischen Gedicht. In solchen Fällen sind wir bemüht, nur authorisierte Übersetzungen zu veröffentlichen.

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von * noé *

... and all the Gods,
you don't believe in,
are there on your request.
They all did hear
your truly begging,
will bless you
at their very best.

von Walter W Hölbling

talk not to me
of the reality that media shoot
at me from morn to evening

not of catastrophes or cruelties
humans inflict upon each other
with never-ending venom

speak to me of the delight
a newborn…

von Jürgen Wagner

What is the biggest treasure, you can find?
A young man left all things behind
He travelled north and searched for gold
He travelled west and people told:

Help us to work and shut your mouth!
He turned away and rode…

von Walter W Hölbling

you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen

von Dieter Strametz

Do not touch me
may be I would break
do not talk to me
I will not answer

Do not ask me for money
I will not borrow
it's no longer your turn
not today not tomorrow

Do what you want

von X X

Silky wine brings so much pain
It lingers fastened on the tongue
Of the one sucking the juice of sight

Cold masquerade, bittersweet
A name with no meaning
Blissfully taken for granted

Can the lightened brick…

von Dieter J Baumgart

…loosing his marbles

Fresh wind is blowing
through the White House:

Blond and curly hair,
restricted brain and sense,
is working on his cowboy land.

Cowboy land don’t worry
Donald won’t leave you alone…

von Walter W Hölbling

creates our universe
our gods
makes armies clash
defines our world
always again and new
names everything
we then can talk about

lets politicians sound as if
they were our saviors

von Uwe Kraus

aus einem psychedelic workshop

see the rabbit run and follow!
go if you can into the shadow land with the golden snow
mushrooms that bright up the light
and see the children go into the silver harmony by night.

von Jürgen Wagner

Abandon the prejudice, that you are a high being
and they are 'only animals' - they are our ancestors

Trust in the possibility of understanding and encountering them
They are animals as we are with conscience and feeling and…

von Walter W Hölbling

dead bodies floating
in our oceans
from the Asian Pacific
to the Mediterranean

crumpled corpses lying
on our beaches
thousands drowned unknown

overcrowded detention centers
not unlike…

von Sascha El Farra

Is anybody out there?
I ask myself right now.
So son go out and shout yeah!
And don't ask yourself but how?
You don't know what is happening
right now down there on the street.
Go out and have a listen

von Stefanie Haertel

Is freedom a song from the flying birds in the sky?
Or a desperate one´s prayer, almost forgotten, in the night?
Does freedom mean there are no duties, borders, walls?
Or is this the only way freedom comes?
Oh, it´s been…

von O N

As days go by,
as time flies by,
as snow slowly falls,
and the winter calls.

A call of life and truth,
of love and friendship,
I treasure our relationship.

But I don't know how to say this,
how to…

von Jürgen Wagner


is not where we're from,
but where we belong

is not where we have to flee,
but a place where we can be

is not without friend, sister and brother,
but where we look at and listen to each other


von Sascha El Farra

Professor Dr. Wombat
he teached in our school.
He gave us all the lessons
with his own golden rule:
Kids always have a listen
and hear what the people have to say.
But please always think about it
and you…

von Jürgen Wagner

I'm fallen in love with this righteous tree
Outside my window I can see
him dancing all day and during the night
He shows me gently his lightness and might
His branches sway in soft vibration
In my soul I feel an…

von Walter W Hölbling

time is
the space in which we grow
without awareness
in our early years
structured by meals
arrivals and departures
light and dark
hot and cold
school studies play adventures…

von Walter W Hölbling

it seems we live in times
when helping hands extend only reluctantly
to those in dire need who had to leave
the ruins of their devastated homes
not waiting for more bombs to fall
to those who had to save…

von Walter W Hölbling

like many stoutly claim
as members of some Christian faith
love our neighbors as we love ourselves

then why do we look down on those
of different creeds and cultures
skin color, clothes, or hats

von Walter W Hölbling

in today´s virtual worlds we take our avatars
to meet with others of their kind
in that cute coffee shop in neverland

hoping that one of many current superheroes
shows up for a quick drink before another dangerous task…

von Susanne Ulrike Maria Albrecht

Stars at the canopy of heaven
Sparkle so bright
Lend the night
A splendid garment
Delirious with joy
Life otherwise dream
Free flight
Effortless glide
On the wings to waft
A walk in…

von Jürgen Wagner

Huts in the desert
Tiny blossoms in the sand
Wonderful water


Rocks laying around
Big toys giants have played with
I rest in their shadow

von Jürgen Wagner

A master dandled the sick little child
Slowly spoke words so peaceful, mild

Then gave it back to his waiting parents:
'It will recover, please have some patience!'

There stood a doubting man nearby

von Dieter J Baumgart

One man began
as a very small man.

On the shoulders of others
he could rise.

That's the way life is.

Finally he made it.
He should be lauded for it.

Unfortunately he forgot
that he once began…

von Walter W Hölbling

we look at TV screens that show
thousands of persecuted and bombed-out families
on the run for safety and sheer survival

so sorry

borders are shuttered now
the boat is full no more come in
we have to think…

von Marcel Meske

All the colours turn to grey
There's no reason for me to stay
Life is passing on
Yet all hope is gone.
Give me just a little smile
Even if it's just for a while
Bring the colours back to life
Give me a…

von Jürgen Jost

They came from far across the seas,
and left behind their families,
crammed into hostels, gyms and tents,
protected by a safety fence.

While waiting for their next of kin,
the German course might soon begin.

von Jürgen Wagner

You want to hunt
you want to kill
you want a triumph
you want a thrill

So take a weapon
and those have none
no need for fairness
you'll have great fun

One shot, one blow
one strike, one fall…

von Matthew Elert

ona mruga oczyma jak sra, czy jak szczy?
(concerning one of my cats in the garden
easing the anus, or bladder,
whichever - imagine saying it's a baby
when it's should be said: retract that idea of…

von Dieter J Baumgart

Knowledge is power

But the more I know
The greater is the feeling
Of helplessness

In view of the conditions
The attitudes
The opinions
Which I cannot change

But all my life I will
Tear down…

von Kay Kankowski

The tempting blaze
Of perfect pearls
Still lingering
On the moistened velvet glen

The glossing glance
Of sparkling spray
Will then ascend
From the rampant murky fern

The splendour shine…

von Jürgen Wagner

You're clear and sincere
Mereley you fear
To hurt and disturb
With your deep honest word

So wage it and feel it
And measure and keep it
It's never a shame
When things are arcane

When you open your…

von Walter W Hölbling

hurt pain rain
washing laundry dryer shrunk
too hot summer beach tanned skins
bikini girls lifeguards bodybuilders
robocop criminals politicians votes

von Marcel Meske

The first time I saw
That girl in front of me
I never could've thought
The way that it's gonna be
I knew she was shy
But lovely as love itself
So I wanted to try
And said to myself
"hey man. You see…


Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. So manche der Übersetzungen von englischen Gedichten, die man im World Wide Web finden kann, wären vielleicht nicht im Sinne des ursprünglichen Autors gewesen und sind vielmehr eine Interpretation des Ursprungstextes, als eine Übersetzung. Noch schlimmer wird es, wenn englische Gedichte einfach durch einen der zahlreichen automatischen Übersetzer "geschickt" werden.

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