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Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. Sie finden hier aber auch teilweise die Übersetzungen zum jeweiligen englischen Gedicht. In solchen Fällen sind wir bemüht, nur authorisierte Übersetzungen zu veröffentlichen.

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von Djava Wanner

How the stars are placed in ordnance so perfectly in the sky,
You think of who created them and all the reasons why.

Besides the science of the universe, there must be a poetic side.
An artist much more articulate than you and…

von Walter W Hölbling

with all these Black Sheep
from the bottom end
of the top 1 percent
in the new government
spewing lies without shame
we will have to rename
the White House

von Walter W Hölbling

Why do we crave so many things
though they leave us unsatisfied
and send us out again for ephemeral
seconds of vanishing gratification?

Is it an absence of essential qualities
that makes us feel unfinished?

von Walter W Hölbling

for those whose mothers are no more
the annual business hype of what to give
and where to take your mother
is but a sad remembrance of loss
stirring up memories of happier times
when she was still a pillar in…

von Walter W Hölbling

making love
suspends gravity
and time
seconds expand
into eternity
we are
on top of the universe

in the fourth dimension
the birth of a new solar system…

von Walter W Hölbling

how do I write about the beauty of the world
when barefoot people pass before my window
in search of shelter

how do I share my pleasure of the birds' sweet song at dawn
when I see faces etched with panic
from the…

von Oliver S

Through a screen

I saw her face

a mélange of

Aphrodite and Venus

so, smooth

so, pure


full of grace.


her beauty

feeds a thousand-man’s desire

a closer look…

von Walter W Hölbling

me is you
you are me
for a while it felt to be

bliss and shine
we were fine
sailing on life‘s endless sea

came some storms
ship got worms
wrecked on islands we can‘t see

you are you

von Walter W Hölbling

do you seriously think
you can determine your life

plan all your moves
avoid poisonous strife

reach all your goals
without devious grooves

by the time you have reached
those goals you have preached…

von Walter W Hölbling

the day
when even the not so faithful
were tempted to pray
for the health of the nation

von Djava Wanner

The sound of wind brushing through the trees
The smell of the wet, quenching mist filling my nostrils
Hearing the little birds chirping all around
My feet submerging into the moist, dirty ground

Leaves caught by the wind…

von Jürgen Wagner

Sometimes you have to take one step back
in order to progress

At times you will fail
and still have success

Sometimes you have to let go
before you can get

At other times you have to grip
and take a…

von Uwe Kraus

Would you lie
If I asked would you be
Mine after a great reward and spaces that shake from emptiness to eternity
Then close my lips with fingertips and sleep beside my
Arms and climb my shadows from smiles you give

von Walter W Hölbling

unknown morning birdsongs
make me aware
I am not home

von Walter W Hölbling

when the tide is high
fish are splashing on main street
the ground water begins to taste
like the Atlantic ocean
soon Florida Margaritas will not need
salt on the rim of their cocktail glasses
their lemons will…

von Djava Wanner

As I look to the mountains, I dream.

I look to the stars and wonder how far away they are,
and I dream.

I dream of worlds beyond where peace and love are one,
and so I dream.

If worlds like that exist and can live…

von Walter W Hölbling

the clouds of cloudland
cast a light of pastel slate
through dripping windowpanes

and as if in a dream
we move and touch
I feel your loving lips
take in all that is yours
all I can give to you

von Antonia Löschner

A deep longing:
the accordion plays
Hungarian melodies.
Tones in a minor key
descend into the depths of the soul,
to places that can’t be reached
by anything other
than music.

von Djava Wanner

I am the Earth.
Mother of them all.
I'm getting hotter and hotter each day,
I just want to lay and rest.
Let me rest,
I'm dying.

My babies are dying,
The ice is melting,
The sun is burning my skin…

von Walter W Hölbling

on the first day of spring
my mother died

she had always loved flowers
and had turned
our interior hallway
into a luscious greenhouse
father was not always happy
about the falling leaves


von Walter W Hölbling

the myths of birth and rebirth
are as old as humankind

scratched onto cave walls,
tablets of stone or clay,
scrolls of papyrus or parchment,
for hundreds of years on paper,
and nowadays typed onto backlit…

von Walter W Hölbling

look at nature
with the lover‘s eye
not the hunter‘s

von Oliver S

check if Wi-Fi is connected

boot 21st century simulator

press enter

log in

select user name

homo economicus universalis

select gender


select civilization level

von Walter W Hölbling

a grandchild
for her 9th birthday
very happy
to be away from her older
as well as her younger sister
for a while
spent a long weekend
with her grands

they picked her up

von Walter W Hölbling

the United Nations
ever and again call to raise billions
to help countries devastated by war
or other mostly man-made catastrophes

I suggest we operate by the causality principle:

the countries who sell all those…

von Jürgen Wagner

Winner or loser
Upholder, seducer
Wrong or right
Black or white

Success or failure
A devil or saviour?
Stop or drive
Dead or alive

von Ekkehard Walter

Down by the riverside
my heart becomes so wide.
I see the angels standing under the trees
and I was falling down on my knees.
Praise the Lord for saving my poor skin,
oh, he have payed for all my sin.

von O N

As days go by,
as time flies by,
as snow slowly falls,
and the winter calls.

A call of life and truth,
of love and friendship,
I treasure our relationship.

But I don't know how to say this,
how to…

von Jürgen Wagner


is not where we're from,
but where we belong

is not where we have to flee,
but a place where we can be

is not without friend, sister and brother,
but where we look at and listen to each other


von Sascha El Farra

Professor Dr. Wombat
he teached in our school.
He gave us all the lessons
with his own golden rule:
Kids always have a listen
and hear what the people have to say.
But please always think about it
and you…

von Stefanie Haertel

Is freedom a song from the flying birds in the sky?
Or a desperate one´s prayer, almost forgotten, in the night?
Does freedom mean there are no duties, borders, walls?
Or is this the only way freedom comes?
Oh, it´s been…

von Walter W Hölbling

thinking of things to put to verse
in times that often are adverse
to topics that involve the universe
and other serious matter
is difficult

world politics is quite atrocious
the culture scene not…

von Uli Kunzmann

The phone rings loud, and Misses Kitty
Takes the call and says: Here Kitty!
The Caller cries: Oh Kitty, Kitty,
Come with me to New York City!
I can’t do it, says Miss Kitty.
I wish, I could, it’s such a pity.

von Walter W Hölbling

at the buffet of the station
you are looking at the women
in your dreams they're always younger
and they don't have these hard lines
around their mouths

at the buffet of the station
where you chew your…

von Sascha El Farra

he is the hero of the night.
He flies like only a wombat can.
Through the sinister darkness
without any sight.


Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. So manche der Übersetzungen von englischen Gedichten, die man im World Wide Web finden kann, wären vielleicht nicht im Sinne des ursprünglichen Autors gewesen und sind vielmehr eine Interpretation des Ursprungstextes, als eine Übersetzung. Noch schlimmer wird es, wenn englische Gedichte einfach durch einen der zahlreichen automatischen Übersetzer "geschickt" werden.

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