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Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. Sie finden hier aber auch teilweise die Übersetzungen zum jeweiligen englischen Gedicht. In solchen Fällen sind wir bemüht, nur authorisierte Übersetzungen zu veröffentlichen.

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von Walter W Hölbling

the myths of birth and rebirth
are as old as humankind

scratched onto cave walls,
tablets of stone or clay,
scrolls of papyrus or parchment,
for hundreds of years on paper,
and nowadays typed onto backlit…

von Walter W Hölbling

on the first day of spring
my mother died

she had always loved flowers
and had turned
our interior hallway
into a luscious greenhouse
father was not always happy
about the falling leaves


von Walter W Hölbling

look at nature
with the lover‘s eye
not the hunter‘s

von Oliver Schrot

check if Wi-Fi is connected

boot 21st century simulator

press enter

log in

select user name

homo economicus universalis

select gender


select civilization level

von Walter W Hölbling

the United Nations
ever and again call to raise billions
to help countries devastated by war
or other mostly man-made catastrophes

I suggest we operate by the causality principle:

the countries who sell all those…

von Jürgen Wagner

Winner or loser
Upholder, seducer
Wrong or right
Black or white

Success or failure
A devil or saviour?
Stop or drive
Dead or alive

von Ekkehard Walter

Down by the riverside
my heart becomes so wide.
I see the angels standing under the trees
and I was falling down on my knees.
Praise the Lord for saving my poor skin,
oh, he have payed for all my sin.

von Walter W Hölbling

a grandchild
for her 9th birthday
very happy
to be away from her older
as well as her younger sister
for a while
spent a long weekend
with her grands

they picked her up

von Walter W Hölbling

death floats through the cities
casts its shadow across the deserts
sneaks into villages and huts

sometimes quietly
sometimes with a deafening blast
leaving corpses and rubble in its wake

no time a safe time…

von Walter W Hölbling

in our time
we think we know
most animals of the world
from films and videos

an echidna come out of the underbrush
about to cross the road
but then
looking at all the…

von Matthew Elert

as a usual Saturday, a sniff of whiskey left
from the previous night -
that'll do - it's not much, but it steadies
the nerves and handshakes with ghosts
of dead writers and poets -
but then the paranoia kicks in -…

von Walter W Hölbling

with all these Black Sheep
from the bottom end
of the top 1 percent
in the new government
spewing lies without shame
we will have to rename
the White House

von Melina Keuer

I’m walking down the riverside
with nothing special in my mind.
Seeing with holy eyes
the river
it is floating like life back to the line
where heaven kisses the earth.

Down the riverside
I lose my mind…

von Walter W Hölbling

Why do we crave so many things
though they leave us unsatisfied
and send us out again for ephemeral
seconds of vanishing gratification?

Is it an absence of essential qualities
that makes us feel unfinished?

von Walter W Hölbling

how do I write about the beauty of the world
when barefoot people pass before my window
in search of shelter

how do I share my pleasure of the birds' sweet song at dawn
when I see faces etched with panic
from the…

von Walter W Hölbling

making love
suspends gravity
and time
seconds expand
into eternity
we are
on top of the universe

in the fourth dimension
the birth of a new solar system…

von Walter W Hölbling

for those whose mothers are no more
the annual business hype of what to give
and where to take your mother
is but a sad remembrance of loss
stirring up memories of happier times
when she was still a pillar in…

von Oliver Schrot

Through a screen

I saw her face

a mélange of

Aphrodite and Venus

so, smooth

so, pure


full of grace.


her beauty

feeds a thousand-man’s desire

a closer look…

von Walter W Hölbling

me is you
you are me
for a while it felt to be

bliss and shine
we were fine
sailing on life‘s endless sea

came some storms
ship got worms
wrecked on islands we can‘t see

you are you

von Jürgen Jost

A banker and a homeless mate,
will never see each other's fate.
The broker profits from Dow Jones,
The wino does not feel his bones.

The bankers meet for business lunch,
The dopers have their pea soup munch,

von Marcel Meske

Fog is surrounding me
So thick I can barely see
All the faces I want to see
All the places I want to be.

Fog is surrounding me
In all the nights when I can't sleep
Thinking about what I need

von Jürgen Wagner

We had a lot of mighty rulers
And many loosers too
We saw a host of warmongers
But seldom men like me and you

Everywhere were factionists
And plenty lobbyists too
No lack of reckless power seekers

von Jürgen Wagner

May your home never lack
a good friend and a snack
May your nights have some vice
and your days little spice

May your house be all safe
your heart mostly brave
Your lover well-set
and each child go ahead…

von Walter W Hölbling

talk not to me
of the reality that media shoot
at me from morn to evening

not of catastrophes or cruelties
humans inflict upon each other
with never-ending venom

speak to me of the delight
a newborn…

von Jürgen Wagner

What is the biggest treasure, you can find?
A young man left all things behind
He travelled north and searched for gold
He travelled west and people told:

Help us to work and shut your mouth!
He turned away and rode…

von X X

Silky wine brings so much pain
It lingers fastened on the tongue
Of the one sucking the juice of sight

Cold masquerade, bittersweet
A name with no meaning
Blissfully taken for granted

Can the lightened brick…

von * noé *

... and all the Gods,
you don't believe in,
are there on your request.
They all did hear
your truly begging,
will bless you
at their very best.

von Dieter Strametz

Do not touch me
may be I would break
do not talk to me
I will not answer

Do not ask me for money
I will not borrow
it's no longer your turn
not today not tomorrow

Do what you want

von Uwe Kraus

aus einem psychedelic workshop

see the rabbit run and follow!
go if you can into the shadow land with the golden snow
mushrooms that bright up the light
and see the children go into the silver harmony by night.

von Walter W Hölbling

you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen

von Jürgen Wagner

Abandon the prejudice, that you are a high being
and they are 'only animals' - they are our ancestors

Trust in the possibility of understanding and encountering them
They are animals as we are with conscience and feeling and…

von Sascha El Farra

Is anybody out there?
I ask myself right now.
So son go out and shout yeah!
And don't ask yourself but how?
You don't know what is happening
right now down there on the street.
Go out and have a listen

von Dieter J Baumgart

…loosing his marbles

Fresh wind is blowing
through the White House:

Blond and curly hair,
restricted brain and sense,
is working on his cowboy land.

Cowboy land don’t worry
Donald won’t leave you alone…

von Walter W Hölbling

creates our universe
our gods
makes armies clash
defines our world
always again and new
names everything
we then can talk about

lets politicians sound as if
they were our saviors

von Sascha El Farra

Professor Dr. Wombat
he teached in our school.
He gave us all the lessons
with his own golden rule:
Kids always have a listen
and hear what the people have to say.
But please always think about it
and you…


Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. So manche der Übersetzungen von englischen Gedichten, die man im World Wide Web finden kann, wären vielleicht nicht im Sinne des ursprünglichen Autors gewesen und sind vielmehr eine Interpretation des Ursprungstextes, als eine Übersetzung. Noch schlimmer wird es, wenn englische Gedichte einfach durch einen der zahlreichen automatischen Übersetzer "geschickt" werden.

LiteratPro ist bemüht im Falle von englischen Gedichten, bei denen eine Übersetzung angeboten wird, auf autorisierte Übersetzungen zurückzugreifen. Die Kategorie "Englische Gedichte" beschreibt ansonsten ihren Inhalt schon über den Namen: Im Kern geht es hier - ungefiltert - um Gedichte, die in der englischen Sprache geschrieben wurden.