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Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. Sie finden hier aber auch teilweise die Übersetzungen zum jeweiligen englischen Gedicht. In solchen Fällen sind wir bemüht, nur authorisierte Übersetzungen zu veröffentlichen.

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von Djava Wanner
von Djava Wanner
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von Jürgen Wagner

You want to hunt
you want to kill
you want a triumph
you want a thrill

So take a weapon
and those have none
no need for fairness
you'll have great fun

One shot, one blow
one strike, one fall…

von Kay Kankowski

The tempting blaze
Of perfect pearls
Still lingering
On the moistened velvet glen

The glossing glance
Of sparkling spray
Will then ascend
From the rampant murky fern

The splendour shine…

von Jürgen Wagner

You're clear and sincere
Mereley you fear
To hurt and disturb
With your deep honest word

So wage it and feel it
And measure and keep it
It's never a shame
When things are arcane

When you open your…

von Jürgen Wagner

Sitting on top
The world is full of dignity

The early morning mist
Doesn't cloud the peace of this day

von Walter W Hölbling

hurt pain rain
washing laundry dryer shrunk
too hot summer beach tanned skins
bikini girls lifeguards bodybuilders
robocop criminals politicians votes

von Marcel Meske

The first time I saw
That girl in front of me
I never could've thought
The way that it's gonna be
I knew she was shy
But lovely as love itself
So I wanted to try
And said to myself
"hey man. You see…

von Matthew Elert

with him included? the devil's dozen, or
the 13 -
then the hours of Horus:
noon - Simon Peter -
later with covenant
of the hour: holy spirit,
and the minute hand: son

von Dieter J Baumgart

     I spoke with a tree.

      You are beautiful,
               I said,
      and your murmur
      sounds like music.

             And you,…

von Walter W Hölbling

in today´s virtual worlds we take our avatars
to meet with others of their kind
in that cute coffee shop in neverland

hoping that one of many current superheroes
shows up for a quick drink before another dangerous task…

von Jürgen Wagner

One country, celebration
many cultures, communication
What a force and big power
global light and a tower
'In God we all trust
so we can - and we must'

So long and so narrow
the historical shadow

von Walter W Hölbling

you feel it
when you clutch your wrist
before you cut

it's your only one

von Ekkehard Walter

Hey Mister
have you a sister
or are you alone?

Yesterday I want to meet you
but I've a lot to do
and you went not to phone

von Jürgen Wagner

Clear and fresh water
is incessantly streaming
in Pinnacle Well

von Jürgen Wagner

When fog is besieging the peak
When winds are howling in chasms
When rain is expected
And coldness pervading

It's time
to enjoy a hot tea

von Oliver Schrot

There lies some sort of romantic in food.
So it does for the act of eating.
Eating means possesing.
Cannibalistic jealousy.
Hammering teeth into innocent flesh.
Incorporation of alien substances.

von Walter W Hölbling

we live in times when words have lost their meaning
they only serve to fill some soundbite gaps between
faces of popstars, politicians, presidential candidates,
maybe some refugees, victims of crimes and natural catastrophes…

von Dieter J Baumgart

The day,
when yesterday and tomorrow
melt together,
when the fish
in the sea die of thirst,
when the ice
starts burning…

This day
will be the question
to all the answers
which we

von Walter W Hölbling

digital availability
around the clock
after a while
begins to feel like
permanent responsibility

your friends expect you
to be online all the time
whether you like it or not
so they can…

von Oliver Schrot

A man of world
Joins the adventure of his existence

Explores overwhelming cities
Urbanity in its most feastful shape
Smells the freedom creating narrowness
Reflections of modernity
A boozed place

von Marcel Meske

What's the worth of a soul
When there's nothing but a hole
Once brightened by light
Now darkened by night
And I just can't explain
Why I'm so much in pain
I ain't happy, I ain't sad
I'm just laughing…

von Walter W Hölbling

when no mornings
follow nights
cities lie without their lights
little beasts root happily
children can live all their fears
forests break
mountains shake
then it’s time again

rockets roar…

von Walter W Hölbling

we look at TV screens that show
thousands of persecuted and bombed-out families
on the run for safety and sheer survival

so sorry

borders are shuttered now
the boat is full no more come in
we have to think…

von Dieter J Baumgart

Curtail them, those artists,
leave them in fear for there existence.

So that they won’t interfere unasked
in our world
full of murder and manslaughter
which we love so much.

Give them money, those artists.…

von D. B. Roses

she is the definition of beauty;
hazel eyes and hazel hair,
her smile careful and bright,
as if she wouldn't have a single care.
but inwardly she is having a fight
against her mind.

insomnia and depression all…

von Jürgen Wagner

So deep rooted
and high unfolded
So straight grown
and also devoted

In every tree
there breathes life
Just go to him
and spend some time

Be calm and open
for this being
Take your time…


Englische Gedichte (English Poems) sind schon von daher auch für deutschsprachige Leser und Interessenten an der Literatur und den Gedanken eines bestimmten Schriftstellers interessant, weil sie die Gedichte der englischsprachigen Autorinnen und Autoren im Original und unverfälscht wiedergeben. So manche der Übersetzungen von englischen Gedichten, die man im World Wide Web finden kann, wären vielleicht nicht im Sinne des ursprünglichen Autors gewesen und sind vielmehr eine Interpretation des Ursprungstextes, als eine Übersetzung. Noch schlimmer wird es, wenn englische Gedichte einfach durch einen der zahlreichen automatischen Übersetzer "geschickt" werden.

LiteratPro ist bemüht im Falle von englischen Gedichten, bei denen eine Übersetzung angeboten wird, auf autorisierte Übersetzungen zurückzugreifen. Die Kategorie "Englische Gedichte" beschreibt ansonsten ihren Inhalt schon über den Namen: Im Kern geht es hier - ungefiltert - um Gedichte, die in der englischen Sprache geschrieben wurden.