The girl that was my world

von Marcel Meske

The first time I saw
That girl in front of me
I never could've thought
The way that it's gonna be
I knew she was shy
But lovely as love itself
So I wanted to try
And said to myself
"hey man. You see that girl?
You know she's already your world.
So just go and say hi
Dont even think about waving goodbye."
So I went up to her and said hi
And I noticed her smile
And my life turned into light
I've never seen anything so bright
That was the moment I recognized
A tiny sparkle was in my eyes
A feeling so warm and nice
I couldn't think about living otherwise
That feeling so new to me
Didn't even occured in my fantasy
A feeling that touched my soul
And made my heart be whole.
That's the feel I got from this girl
The girl that became my world.

Geschrieben von Marcel Meske im Januar 2016.

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