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The essay in English

Bild von dichterausPolen1

We have given a mathematical sum; components are flowers or blossoms, namely: a lady's slipper' orchid as well as a bleeding-heart. The flowers of the the lady's slipper' orchid are in relation to St. Maria (also in the German name). However: blossoms of the bleeding-heart have the greek naming.
In each lady's slipper' orchid a primeval particle of being of Anna Akhmatova (as an Anti-Stalin) lives, whilst in bleeding-hearts my particle of being (of the poet Paweł Markiewicz who has written in German as Anti-Hitler). These particles are unearthly beautiful, like a wonderful muse of the morning sun in the sky or an aurora at shooting stars.They are spiritualized such an ancient soul, but they are not molecules senso stricto, although they are of different colors. The Anna´s particle is yellow, likethe lady's slipper' orchid, and Pawel´s particle is purple (or red).
Dye of molecules of both flowers would combine to form a two-color philosophical-poetic star. On earth under the star four beings are marching hand on hand Pawel with his blue soul and Anna with her yellow soul as spirit. Pawel is a human, because he lives. Pawel´s soul is blue, because his poetry ist a beautifying world of heaven. A few places behind them, Hitler and Stalin are walking shoulder to shoulder as black ghosts with gray hazy souls. The star for Paweł and Anna shines in a light and yellow colors and wants to shows them the place - the fairy cave with a Dionysite ambrosia. The same star - but red - blinds and burns Hitler and Stalin.
Hitler wants a treasure of nibelunges, and Stalin wants to have the treasure of the King Solomon. However, they will never win these treasures. Anna Akhmatova and Paweł Markiewicz will drink ambrosia before the rain of dreamy Erl-kings ...And on the petals of flowers are the titles of the most beautiful poems written in tiny font by a ladybug on the orchid (poems of Anna) and by a firefly on the bleeding-heart (poems by Paweł).